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21. Unionstagung 2021
21. Unionstagung der Schweizerischen Gesellschaften für Gefässkrankheiten gemeinsam mit der Schweizerischen Gesellschaft für Ultraschall in der Medizin Sektion Gefässe vom 4. - 6. November 2020 Die 21. Unionstagung muss leider aufgrund der unsi

1st multilevel venous workshop

Datum von: 26.11.2021
Datum bis: 27.11.2021
Veranstalter: MUVEWO
Veranstaltungslokal: Online
Veranstaltungsort: Online
Kontaktperson: Mgr. art Peter Slovák
Kontakttelefon: 00421 911 454 294
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When I first met Prof. Várady, he was already a legend. I was 26 years old and new to surgery. "Zoli bácsi" was nevertheless kind and incredibly humble. Várady´s workshop not flashy, but the mood and friendly relations were all the better. He invited me to his Frankfurt clinic, he selflessly showed me his little paradise, and I realised that this surgery has a huge potential. Twenty-five years have passed, and the Várady Congress has become a regular legendary phlebology meeting with lectures going far beyond the issue of mini-phlebectomy. What has not changed is the good mood, friendly conversations and many inspiring colleagues from all over the world.
Ladies and Getlemen, it is a great honour for me to invite you to the 1st multilevel venous workshop in collaboration with legendary 36th Várady Workshop, which will be held in Bratislava (Presburg, Posony, Prešpork) the capital of Slovak Republic. We have the ambition  to bring together beginners and advanced phlebologists in an open and free discussion. We want to offer the floor in particular practical everyday  phlebosurgery and phlebolology. We want to focus on the details  that will improve our and your results. We want to bring lectures and interviews with the best about what, how, and why. We want to talk openly about complications and how to avoid them. We have prepared dissection workshops and ultrasonography workshops to make surgeries even more precise and safer.
We are looking forward to welcoming YOU to Bratislava – the beautiful city on the Danube, the coronation city of the Austro- Hungarian monarchy, 60 km from Vienna, less than 200 km from Budapest and 300 km from Prague. Unfortunately, Corona thwarted our plans. Still, we are not giving up, and we are waiting for the situation to develop. We have prepared a virtual studio with maximum protection, meeting the highest sanitary criteria. Here we would like to welcome at least vaccinated speakers. We will be connected to the rest of you virtually. We look forward to your participation.
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