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Lausanne CHUV Formation cont. du jeudi 10 septembre 2020: Anticoagulation [online/webinar] Fortbildung Donnerstag 10. September 2020: Antikoagulation [online/webinar] 3 Credits: SGP, SGA, SGG, SGDV
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Venous 2021 - Call for Abstracts

Datum von: 17.03.2021
Datum bis: 20.03.2021
Veranstalter: American Venous Forum
Veranstaltungslokal: La Cantera Resort & Spa
Veranstaltungsort: San Antonio / Texas
PLZ: 16641
Strasse: La Cantera Pkwy
Call for Abstracts 

Submission Deadline:  Friday, August 14th at 5:00 pm Eastern 

AVF only accepts electronic abstract submissions via the official abstract submission website. No more than two abstracts from the same institution will be selected for speaking slots (oral presentations and quick shots).
Abstract Guidelines 

• All work submitted to the AVF Annual Meeting must be original and not previously published or presented. All work at the time of presentation at the Annual Meeting must also be original. All authors must attest that the presentations given at the meeting have never been presented or published before the date of presentation at the AVF Annual Meeting. Those found to be in violation of this policy will be prohibited from presenting at the AVF Annual Meeting for the next two years.
• Titles need to be submitted in Title Case (Not ALL CAPS, and not Sentence case).
• Abstract length is 425 words or less, excluding title and authors.
• Each table and/or graph will count as 25 words in the total word count. (Limit two images per abstract). If you do upload a table or graph, it is mandatory that it has a title and the table or graph is referenced in the abstract components section.
• All uploads must be an editable word document and must NOT exceed a half a page.
• Three presentation types will be offered, you will need to select one: Oral Presentation, Quick Shot Presentation or Poster Presentation. Your presentation will be given every consideration; however, the final determination will be made by the Program Committee.
• The following submission categories will be offered, you will need to select the one that best fits your abstract: Basic Science, Chronic Vein Obstruction, Compression/Wound Care, Diagnostic Testing and Imaging, Lymphedema, Superficial Vein Disease, Vascular Medicine, Venous Thromboembolism/IVC Filters.
• Abstracts must be submitted with 4 components: Background, Methods, Results, Conclusion.
• No reference should be made in the abstract to the names or institutions of the authors.
• Disclosures for ALL authors/co-authors is required within the submission form as well as their institutions, city, state, country, etc.
• CV Uploads are required for the Presenting Author Only.
• All accepted Oral Presentations will be published in the Journal of Vascular Surgery.
• Announcements of accepted and rejected abstracts will be made in late September/early October.

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